Cold Lake First Nations


Cold Lake First Nations is a Denesuline (Chipewyan) Tribe and part of the Dene Nation. Located 300 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, this dynamic First Nation has a total membership of over 2000 members. Approximately 1000 Band Members live in three distinct neighboring communities, namely LeGoff, English Bay and Cold Lake Town Reserves located near scenic Cold Lake, Many of the remaining members reside in the urban centre’s, such as Edmonton.

Our Leadership strives to achieve the vision of our Nation, empowerment; improved quality of life; and self-sufficiency.

It is the mandate of our Council to work for our Nation to ensure that our Treaty Rights are honored and our members have every opportunity to derive a prosperous livelihood from the resources of our traditional lands. Our Nation is one which is rich in assets, our people; our language; our culture, and our lands.

Cold Lake First Nation's Treaty Day is held on the second weekend of July.