Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Beaver Lake Cree Nation is situated 2 ½ hours northeast of Edmonton, just south of the town of Lac La Biche.

Beaver Lake is known for its excellent fishing and camping on the white sand beaches of Beaver Lake. This lake attracts tourists from all over the world every summer. Beaver Lake is also known for its Pow Wow held every summer during their Treaty Days. Beaver Lake is home to the Wah-Pow Treatment Centre which is a drug and alcohol treatment facility. This Treatment Centre is unique in that it offers whole family treatment, so that there is more support for a person reaching sobriety. It is situated on the shores of the Beaver Lake near the Narrows, and is a place of serenity and peace.

Beaver Lake Cree Nation is a member of Pimee Oilwell Services, and 7 Lakes Oilfield Services. They also own Muskwa Corporation which was founded to further the Economic Development of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation by taking care of Environmental issues in regards to Oilsands development on Beaver Lake ‘s Traditional territories. Working together with Oil companies and the Environment is the main goal of the Muskwa Corporation.

Beaver Lake Cree Nation's 2016 Treaty Day is June 17.  Its Pow Wow is June 28-30.