Technical Advisor





Safe and technically advanced First Nation communities



Providing and delivering enhanced technical services to improve the quality of life for our member First Nations



We demonstrate Respect, Commitment, Partnership, Trustworthiness, and Competence, practicing our Dene/Cree culture and traditional, sacred knowledge



TCV Technical Services was established in the early 1980s to provide support services to member First Nations on housing and renovation issues, initially.  It then expanded their scope of services to include capital development projects related to all community capital infrastructure and other essential services.


Currently TCV Technical Support Services’ primary functions are to assist member First Nations to improve the conditions of housing and infrastructure, assist with upgrading equipment, information technology and management, capacity building & training of technical staff for innovative and sustainable technical services operations all in accordance with Chief’s & Council’s strategic priorities and policies. 


Other areas of support include updating Fire & Safety By-laws, assisting the development of Comprehensive Community Plans, establishing partnerships for Emergency Management Plans; capital sites assessment, assisting with proposal development and assisting with the submission of reports to government and funding agencies.


In 2010 Community mapping for data collection and data use, online mapping was also developed and interdepartmental sharing of data (IM/IT).   In 2012 TCV Technical Services engaged in a 5 year business plan under the direction of the member Chiefs.


Don Campbell is the Technical Services Advisor at TCV.  He brings many years of experience and expertise to Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc. 


Contact information:

Don Campbell – Technical Services Advisor

Phone: 780-645-4288 ext. 205