Program Advisor


Henry Janzen – Program Advisor


This position is responsible for the implementation of work mandated by the Board of Directors, of the 6 member First Nations.  This position provides a range of support services including the development of memoranda; protocols; partnership agreements; funding agreements and reporting as required.

Program specific strategies, processes and procedures are developed as required for implementation of board decisions. Project and program specific information, advice or recommendations are provided in any of the program areas as requested by individual member First Nations or by their organizations.

This position helps to ensure that member First Nations have added information and options available for engagement on important issues; facilitation in working together in line with the direction of the board; and  joint participation in initiatives with governments and other organizations with the goal of bringing about desired changes, improvements and joint funding initiatives for their communities.


Contact Information:

Henry Janzen - Policy Advisor

Phone:  780-481-3363 Ext. 105

Cell:       780-886-9316

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.