Health Advisor




To improve the health and wellness of First Nation communities and to create effective, affordable and sustainable health services systems.




TCVI supports and assists member First Nations by:

  • Assisting member First Nations with their health work plans, strategies and procedures.
  • Ensuring member First Nations have timely information of health related issues and assisting with proposal development, health assessments, reporting requirements and budgets.
  • In conjunction with our member First Nations, facilitate regional health initiatives, including:


  1. Promotion and Prevention which involves community involvement and awareness of health issues through visible health strategies and cultural/traditional teachings. This involves working with leadership, Elders, community members, health staff at the member First Nation level; involves on-going advisory/information/capacity workshops and meetings; and involves inter-agency partnership arrangements that result in innovative and cost effective approaches to share information on an on-going basis. This criterion also involves ensuring off-reserve members are provided with prevention health promotion information and similar activities as directed.


  1. Partnerships and Agreements involves developing partnerships on and off-reserve to facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of health programs on-reserve. This involves communicating off-reserve with health associated units and on-reserve with health associated departments. This also involves communicating and liaising with all health, government and support agencies needed to assist member First Nations in delivering efficient and effective health programs and services.


  1. Capacity Development is broken into three components (on-reserve health staff development, health careers, and membership/First Nation information). On-reserve health staff development involves developing and providing workshops and on-going training/information to make certain health and health related staff at member First Nations are fully trained and informed. Health education involves attending schools, advertising and otherwise informing membership of the health professions available that would be of benefit to the individual and the member First Nation. Member/band information involves educating on and off-reserve populations by establishing information/promotion booths and other visible health promotions/awareness campaigns at all relevant and related events.


  1. First Nations Program Support involves supporting member First Nations health and health related programs by assisting in establishing committees, governance policies, short and long-term plans, as well as assisting with community health assessments. This criterion involves assisting member First Nations regarding proposal development, reporting, budget and financial objectives, and otherwise liaising/assisting with health programming.


  1. Reporting involves working with the TCV Board of Directors, regional programs, Executive Director, Tribal Council employees, and others to build an effective team that can better meet the needs of the member First Nations. This involves attending Board of Directors meetings as directed, staff meetings, ensuring reports are provided in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring financial controls are followed, following the Tribal Council Policies and Procedures including Code of Ethics, ensuring confidentiality and privacy are maintained at superior levels and otherwise supporting and promoting the initiatives of the Tribal Council.




  • First Nations Teddy Bear Fairs
  • First Nations Open House Health Awareness Days
  • First Nations Teen / Young Adult Health Awareness Days
  • Open House Guide To Edmonton




  • Child Health Immunization Project (CHIP)
  • Bonnyville Aboriginal Health Liaison Worker
  • Health Service Network Meetings
  • YMCA Partnership
  • 2011 Health Determinants for First Nations in Alberta
  • H-Com
  • Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF)
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits
  • Integration of Services
  • Indian Residential Schools




  • Mental Wellness Teams Proposal
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Family Care Clinics
  • Emergency Medical Services Program
  • Jordan’s Principle
  • Lac La Biche Aboriginal Health Liaison Worker
  • Pharmacy Initiative



Contact Information:

Health Advisor: Dale Steinhauer

Phone: 780-481-3363 ext. 110


Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.