General Information



Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc (TCVI) operates under the umbrella of the Tribal Chiefs Association (TCA) and is a business incorporated under the Federal Business Corporation Act.  It has a head office located at Beaver Lake Cree Nation and a Finance Office located at Whitefish Lake First Nation #128.  It has two sub-offices located in Edmonton, Alberta and St. Paul, Alberta.

TCVI is governed by the Chiefs of the six (6) member First Nations [the shareholders] and meet twice a month to discuss common issues, concerns, etc. in all program areas and provide direction for the tribal council to proceed.

The current shareholders are Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Cold Lake First Nations, Frog Lake First Nations, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation, and Whitefish Lake First Nation #128.  Each member First Nation Chief holds one share in TCVI in trust for their respective First Nation.  The Chiefs are the Board of Directors.



Tribal Chiefs Association was established in 1972 by the Chiefs of the Treaty Six First Nations of Northeastern Alberta to protect their Treaty promises collectively and to expand its mandate as a Tribal Council in 1979.   

TCVI is a not for profit corporation. The Chiefs from the member First Nations served as shareholders with each Chief having a vote.

Advisory services initially developed through an incubated process in TCVI. As they mature and grew, they became incorporated corporations with their own boards of directors.




TCVI believes in the supremacy and guidance of the Creator.  TCA is grateful for, accepts the responsibility for and respects the Creator’s gifts of our Mother Earth, our Language and our Spiritual beliefs and the Natural Law found in the principles of Love, Honesty, Sharing and Determination.  The TCV accepts that Nistomaymehanahk blessed the visions of our forefathers who foretold that we must unite and work collectively and interdependently to ensure a better future for generations of iyiniwak to come.  The TCVI will accept and honour the responsibility for upholding this Legacy left by the Forefathers by giving equal voice to all First Nations Members and by leading First Nations members to work towards health, whole and self-sufficient Communities.  TCVI will promote and maintain political solidarity in the interpretation, implementation and protection of rights guaranteed under Treaty No. 6.  “for as long as the sun shines, the rivers flows and the grass grows.....”.




  • To support the collective Treaty interests of the Tribal Chiefs Association.
  • To establish individual and joint ventures that will benefit the member First Nations
  • To coordinate efforts to assure accountability and transparency are being fulfilled
  • To develop economic capacity amongst member First Nations both collectively and independently
  • To provide advisory and other services to member First Nations as directed




  • Implementation of Land Stewardship Training (Accreditation by the University of Alberta)
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Environment
  • Agreements in Principle on Health with Alberta Health Services and Health Canada
  • Agreement in Principle with Aspen View, Lakeland, Northern Lights and St. Paul School Divisions
  • Education Project Study on Children not in School
  • Wood Bison Recovery Project
  • Aboriginal Forestry Initiative
  • Contaminants Research Study (University of Ottawa)
  • Indian Registration Service Delivery




Our partnerships are and affiliates include:

Member First Nations; Blue Quills First Nation College, Tribal Chiefs Employment and Training Services Association, Tribal Chiefs Education Foundation, Tribal Chiefs Child and Family Services East and West organizations; Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Environment Canada, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Aboriginal Relations, Alberta Research Council (AITF), University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, YMCA Northern Alberta, Drug Smart Pharmacy, City of Edmonton, Aspen View School Division, Lakeland School Division, Northern Lights School Division, St. Paul Education, Yellowhead Tribal Council and a number of non-governmental organizations.