Business Consortium



Over the years, TCVI has embarked on many projects and the Business Consortium is one of the major initiatives that TCVI will be pursuing in addressing economic and energy developments in the region.


The Business Consortium is an expression of the unity of the TCVI member First Nations. We believe its success is inevitable, as it is not the first time the member First Nations have united to start an economic development initiative. Pimee Well Services Ltd. began in the late 1980’s as a company owned by the six member First Nations and continues today as a successful endeavour.


In 2009/10 TCVI, in partnership with Human Services, Alberta Government completed a “Needs Assessment” for Economic Development. This assessment included input from the six (6) member First Nations.


A number of components were assessed at each of the communities:


  • Delivery of Economic Development Programming
  • Review of Job Descriptions
  • Guidelines for Boards and Committees
  • Access to Pre-Employment Training
  • Labour Market background
  • Existing accountability – newsletters, websites, community meetings
  • Awareness of federal and provincial government programs
  • Financial controls
  • Strategic Planning and long-term community planning
  • Business Entities and Partnerships


In 2010 TCVI staff and Economic Development Officers from the six First Nations attended the Federal Government’s presentation on potential changes in economic development programming through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.


An overview was provided to the TCVI Chiefs with emphasis being placed on partnerships. The Chiefs agreed through a motion on May 5, 2011 that a Business Consortium be developed to advance best practices and further develop partnerships with industry. The idea is aimed at having all six First Nations sharing business experiences, pooling resources and equipment and successfully becoming engaged in larger scale projects and to develop new business opportunities that are not currently being realized by the member First Nations.


In May 2011 a committee was formed and TCVI and the 5 First Nations have been meeting with possible industry partners. TCVI is in the process of hiring a Business Consortium Liaison Officer to move industry partnerships forward. This will assist member First Nations in meeting training and employment goals and to create and sustain new businesses. These businesses will be both successful and competitive in the Alberta market.

The TCVI Board of Directors and staff would like to thank all of the partners for their ongoing support in this important initiative. It is hoped that this initiative will generate the opportunities for all partners to share resources, create employment, develop training models, and generally increase the standard of living and competiveness of all.


The new name for the business consortium is officially ‘Tribal Chiefs Development Inc.’.  Watch for further updates regarding projects being undertaken.