The TCVI Board of Directors

The TCVI Board of Directors accepts primary responsibility in working with member First Nations, and to the broader goals of regional economic development through the member First Nations. TCVI and its activities shall be planned, implemented and evaluated subject to the approval and direction of the Board of Directors. The TCVI board of directors must report and attain the approval of the member First Nations with regard to the following:

  • Respecting the autonomy of each member First Nation
  • Assuring itself that Treaty Six is honoured and respected
  • Developing,  reviewing and revising by-laws, policies, and procedures
  • Promoting public relations activities
  • Reviewing global opportunities
  • Promoting the delivery of more training, financial support and opportunities
  • Encouraging economic development in native business opportunities
  • Ensuring that all economic development initiatives are supported and approved at the community and regional level
  • Directing tribal council regional programming and all other related activities



Chief Germaine Anderson—Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Chief Bernice Martial—Cold Lake First Nations

Chief Clifford Stanley—Frog Lake First Nations

Chief Morris Monias—Heart Lake First Nation

Chief Brenda Joly—Kehewin Cree Nation

Chief Brian Favel—Whitefish Lake First Nation #128



 Organization Structure







Blue Quills First Nations College


  •         Provides post secondary education services to 7 First Nations
  •          Has its own Board of Directors and chairperson from Saddle Lake
  •       Funding for Blue Quills college is provided by TCVI
  •       Blue Quills College is situated on Blue Quills First Nation reserve


Tribal Chiefs Education Foundation


  •         Deals with K-12 education services, 6 tuition agreements, and 4 school boards
  •      6 First Nations representatives serve on the Board of Directors
  •      Money transferred from INAC to TCVI for tuition agreements is transferred to the school boards under an MOU


 Tribal Chiefs Employment & Training Services Association


  •         Serves as the federal ASETS (Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy) holder
  •      Has its own incorporated Board of Directors
  •       Funding goes to the TCETSA directly from the Service Canada and is allocated to each member First Nation to provide employment and training services


 Tribal Chiefs Family Services East and Tribal Chiefs Family Services West


  •      Designated First Nations Agencies  with two separate entities
  •      Each entity signed a tripartite to receive funding from Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada (AANDC) to deliver child welfare services and with the Government of Alberta (GOA) to receive authority to delivery child welfare services.